As a result of long-term wide-ranging business expertise and comprehensive marketplace know-how, Bulk Agro has the capacity to provide our customers an excellent top quality Sesbania Powder. The stickiness of the supplied natural powder is five to ten times more than various other all-natural plant gums. Marketed Sesbania natural powder is actually refined within a watchful eye of our experienced industry experts by using state-of-the-art equipment as well as top quality accepted sesbania. In addition, the supplied Sesbania Powder is certified by our quality controllers so as to provide high quality authorized item at customer’s house.


• Accurately refined
• Lengthy expiration term
• Purity
• Absolutely no added chemical preservatives


Sesbania gum is actually taken out from sesbania plant seeds which got its start from China. The sesbania gum powder is white-colored loosely milky natural powder that is soluble within water, insoluble within ethers, ketones as well as other pure solvents. This natural powder may be diffused within cool water to develop a sticky solution. The stickiness sesbania gum powder is usually five to ten times more than other organic plant gum, namely sodium alginate.

Uses of Sesbania Gum Powder

The sesbania gum natural powder is commonly used as sizing agents and coloring thickeners within fabric market sectors. It performs a significant role as being a flocculent within a normal water plus waste water treatment method. The vital usage of sesbania seeds within the oil market since it is used as a hindering agent, water resistance-lessening agent as well as tackifier with regard to organizing liquid cracking that leads to rise in oil generation pace. The sesbania gum natural powder is furthermore used in incense.