Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. is known as an established Kalonji Seeds (Nigella Sativa) Producer and Supplier, headquartered in Rajasthan. The Kalonji or Black Seeds, you can get from us, are naturally harvested by pure manures. Furthermore, these are accurately filled thus making certain that they are totally freed from dampness, bugs, dirt and dust, along with other unknown contaminants. All these products come in various volumes of packaging for the comfort of the customers.

The Nigella sativa plant is mainly a yearly blooming plant which expands to around 1.5 to 2 ft high. It’s local to Middle East as well as Asian nations. The blossoms are generally white or light azure in color and even fragile appearing. Kalonji seeds are around 2-3 mm longer and are triangular in form having one pointed ending plus the other a little round in shape. They’re jet dark in shade.

Kalonji seeds are usually included in Ayurveda for generations whilst in the past as well, within herbal and natural treatments, it is often useful for curing several different medical issues. In Arabic tradition, Nigella sativa is known as “Habbatul barakah”, which means “the seeds of blessings”. It also has been known as magic herb.

Native Indian Names: Kalonji, Kalojira, Mangrail, Kalzira etc.
General Names: Nigella seeds, Black seed, Nigella Sativa seeds, Nutmeg flower, Fennel flower, Roman coriander etc.
Certain names which were wrongly related to kalonji or Nigella sativa seeds are: black caraway seeds, black sesame seeds, onion seeds, black cumin are actually not seeds of Nigella sativa.

Generally, Kalonji Seeds are useful for abscesses, parasites, and conjunctivitis related problems. In addition, kalonji seed is useful for pounding headache, tooth pain and nose obstruction etc.

Nowadays, Nigella Sativa is commonly used for curing digestive system problems such as dysentery, piles, gastric trouble, stomach pain, and constipation. Additionally it is useful for breathing problems which include allergic reaction, asthma, flu, coughing, bronchitis, swine flu, emphysema and blockage. Many other functions include decreasing hypertension, decreasing levels of cholesterol, healing cancer, as well as improving your disease fighting capabilities. Females use Nigella Sativa for contraception, to begin monthly periods, as well as to improve milk flux.