Herbal Seeds

We are leading manufacturer and exporter of Herbal Seeds. We export different kind of Herbal Seeds like Neem Seeds, Psyllium Seeds, Ashwagandha, Nigella Sative etc. We are in planning to spent over INR 5 million in herbal Industry. We have contact farming with farmers of Rajasthan, Gujrat and Madhya Pradesh to produce herbal Seeds.

Bio-Fuel Seeds

Innovation begins with research, and we have announced plans to spend INR100 million over the next 10 years on finding new applications for bioscience in the energy industry, including better ways to produce the bio components that can be blended into traditional fossil-based transport fuels. In India, we are funding an INR 9.4 million project to examine the possibilities of using Jatropha, an inedible oil bearing crop which can grow on marginal land, as a biofuels component and we have been working since 2003 on bio-fuels to explore new approaches to biofuels development. The first product from this collaboration will be an advanced biofuel called Bio-Butanol.

eco-friendlyThe testing will build upon initial laboratory engine tests using conventional Bio-Butanol, which indicated that bio-butanol has similar fuel performance properties to unleaded petrol. Additionally, work will be undertaken to gather comprehensive data on the environmental footprint and sustainability of this next generation fuel. Construction has begun on a bio-butanol demonstration plant in Udaipur, INDIA. Capable of using a wide variety of processed cereal feed stocks, the pilot plant will produce 3,00,000 litres of bio-fuel per year, which can then be blended into gasoline at various concentrations for use in demonstration projects. This plant is expected to begin production in 2016.

Bulk Group started in 1978 with the mission of changing the scenario of Indian Agriculture; it all started with as M/S Madan Lal Manoj Kumar’s Vision, the founder of Bulk Group. Mr. Madan Lal was a farmer before beginning this group, He says “I was dreaming for changing the scenario of agriculture and now I am running on this path, I have thrived in providing the right value to farmers, In Udaipur now farmers are getting the finest value for their crop and they are also involved in doing new inventions for the benefit of society”.


The Bulk Group was humbly started in a small village and now it is running the operations world wide, Bulk Group has its foreign branch in Mexico as well. Bulk Group has achieved a new pinnacle of success, and the testimony to this fact stands the following pillars of success:-
M/S Madan Lal Manoj Kumar
Bulk Agro India Pvt. Ltd.
Bulk Herbs
Mewar Bsc. Nursing College
Padam Shree Physiotherapy college
Puja Nursing College
Bala Ji Physiotherapy College
Yogesh Marble & Granites (P) Ltd .

Now the Group is heading with this mission “Build a healthy and greener INDIA”.
Bulk Agro Group is on the rise with every passing day.Mr. Manoj Raj Purohit, Director, Bulk Agro India Pvt. Ltd says “We will convert our entity into Public Limited Company very soon, because we are representing the Indian farmer and India’s common man”