Bulk Agro is furthering its commitment to growing the biofuels market with a major investment in the construction of a world scale Bio-Ethanol plant alongside a high technology demonstration plant to advance development work on the next generation of biofuels & Herbal product.The investment, which is being made by Bulk Agro will help meet delivery of the India’s forecast ethanol demand in 2017 required to meet the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation.( As per the new bio-fuel policy of Government of India, September 2008)This project allows the companies to focus jointly on developing renewable options for transportation fuels by making use of Bulk Agro’s fuels technology expertise and access to major fuel markets.
Due to come on stream in 2011, it will have an annual production capacity of 20 million litres from locally grown Jatropha. Once operational, the plant will provide oil for 40 years. Although initial production will be Bio-Ethanol, the partners will look at the feasibility of converting it to Bio-Butanol once the required technology is available. The Bulk agro site in Udaipur has also been selected as the preferred location for a planned Bio-Butanol demonstration plant, funded and owned equally by Bulk Agro, which will blend 20 liters of Bio-Butanol per year from a wide variety of feed stocks. To begin market development of Bio-Butanol, Bulk Agro also establishing initial introduction plans for Bio-Butanol in the Mexico. Work will be undertaken to gather comprehensive data on the environmental footprint and sustainability of this next generation fuel.

This represents a major step towards the widespread availability of biofuels in the India.