Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. provides high quality variety of Neem Cake which is often used as a natural environment friendly fertilizer along with a repellent relating pest infestations and bugs. This particular neem cake is widely useful to prevent vegetation from pest infestations and in addition functions as a soil refresher. Obtainable at market selling prices, these kinds of neem cake are actually in higher demand from customers across the world.

Neem cake would be the remains eventually left soon after oil is hard pressed out of neem seeds. It is a healthy by product of Neem seed oil output. Neem Cake is mainly used being an organic fertilizer. The high quality of the neem cake varies according to the volume of oil still left inside it, along with the method through which the particular removal takes place. The natural form of the Neem Oil Cake is in Powdered or Flakes form.

Why would you use Neem Cake being a Fertilizer?

• Quite Economical

• Much better crop as compared to traditional Fertilizers and Urea

• High resource of NPK as well as other Micro Nutrition

• As compared to urea which is usually a vitamins and minerals collector, neem cake on its own includes vitamins and minerals for the vegetation and even sustains the strength of soil.

Additional Advantages

• Manage Nematodes plus other soil infestations.

• Build up soil’s natural crops production capacity.

• Works extremely well with fertilizers/Urea concurrently.

• Harmless for earthworms.

Use of Neem Cake

Although neem cake is actually an eco-friendly fertilizer furthermore, it works like pesticide. Neem Cake as eco-friendly fertilizer.

Neem Cake carries enough volume of NPK in natural form for plant development. As entirely agricultural item it’s full of 100% pure NPK material as well as other important micro valuable vitamins and minerals. Much Better Agricultural Produce Neem cake gives 15-25% greater turn out as compared to almost every other fertilizer. Traditional fertilizer doesn’t have the consistency of nutritional discharge which slows down the continuous progress of fruit/crop. Because of this more and more farm owners are moving to neem cake for betterment of their crops.

Neem Cake use as Pesticide

The product as well handles insects in grain and lessens grains bug as well as reddish colored flour beetle.