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Baheda is really a big short-lived sapling which belongs to the Combretaceae family and exists everywhere in India. The plant is having very attractive flowers however include a horrible smell. The fruit comes in the form of grains, are usually greyish in the shade, with the pip fairly sweet for you to taste. The Baheda fruit is famous for its curative usefulness for so many years and is popular as Ayurvedic and Yunani medicinal drugs to heal several diseases particularly digestive ailments, breathing difficulties and sleeping disorders.

Health Advantages of Myrobalan Belliric

  • Baheda is quite useful in curing breathing ailments and troubles triggered because of cold weather. It lessens your cough, creates the mucus flushing air pathways and as well helps in reducing out your broncho twitch allowing the sufferer to inhale and exhale easily.
  • Baheda works like a great medicine and have a soothing impact on your concerned central nervous system. It lessens the exercise of the body and reduces the hypertension. Thus, it is always in-demand to cure stress and anxiety, sleep problems along with psychological troubles such as mental disorder.
  • It is furthermore useful in lowering your tension levels.
  • Baheda together with Amla and haritaki within Triphala has revealed outstanding outcome in curing all kinds of peptic problems such as constipation, acidity, cranky bowel ailment, stomach discomfort and liver related troubles.
  • This is furthermore helpful in lowering hypertension cholesterol levels.

English Name- Myrobalan Belliric, Belleric
Botanical Name- Terminalia bellirica
Hindi Name- Baheda, Bahera

Uses of Myrobalan Belliric

The fruits of Baheda function as laxative. These fruits are helpful in respiratory disease as well as, asthma. Baehra is among the 3 building blocks of Trifala. It is an extremely helpful Natural and organic mixture, for several diseases, growing of Baheda, amla plus haritaki i.e. Phyllanthus emblica, Terminalia chebula and Terminalia bellirica.