As a customer oriented organization, Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. offers an array of Ragi Flour. This atta is extensively admired for its health advantages and high standard. Our staff of knowledgeable specialists prepared the item by using advanced technology with highest attention and accuracy.

Ragi, often referred as Finger Millet, is actually grown around moisture less areas around the world- primarily in Asian and African countries. Ragi features an extraordinary taste and it’s popular in south Indian and Ethiopian meals. Ragi is actually an abundant basis of Protein, Fiber, Iron, Calcium plus other nutrients. This breakfast cereal provides lower unwanted fat material and includes primarily unsaturated fat. You can easily assimilate and it doesn’t include wheat; those people who are susceptible to cereal could simply eat Finger Millet.

Ragi is probably known as the healthiest cereals. It’s got various titles or names in regional languages. In Kannada and Telugu it’s called Ragi, in Hindi it named Madua/Mangal and in Tamil it named Kelvaragu/aariyam.

• Ragi is usually high in calcium. Rather than taking a tablet, you may also exchange that with ragi kanji. Warm up a cup of water, place a tea-spoon of ragi flour in boiling hot drinking water, include a bit salt and allow it to cool. Consume this along with a bit salt plus butter milk. It will not only cool your whole body, but additionally provides you energy as well as calm your own body.

• Ragi is perfect for excess fat loss. Create ragi balls and replace that with rice. You may invariably see the improvement.

• Ragi cherry is among the ideal semi-solid food stuff which you offer to your little one before deciding to get him or her accustomed to stable food. It’s the finest child meal throughout India to make children powerful.

• It is furthermore an excellent method of obtaining dietary fiber helping to reduced cholesterol levels.

• Certain ragi dishes you can test are — kanji, vermicili, ragi balls, roti, malt,dosa, ragi .Due to its lesser cost ragi is unquestionably a wellbeing meal.

• Ragi is the most suitable meals for excess fat handle, diabetic issues and for cooling down the entire body.