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Jatropha curcas is an anti drought everlasting crop, rising nicely in unimportant/poor land. It is simple to develop, grows up rapidly and used in daily lives as well as generating seeds for many years. Jatropha is among the best known herbal plants and definition of Jatropha is basically a “genus” overlaying some 175 plants collectively. The term originates from the Greek term for latros which means physician and trophe signifying nourishment.

Jatropha is getting terrific popularity across the world being a bio-diesel. The Jatropha seeds could be smashed to get the oil which could be put to use as a bio-fuel. The leftover part could be used as manure or even as a supply for power producing plants. This guarantees a lasting growth. Not only the seeds, but the plant overall is suitable to fulfill the rising ecological worries. It can not only be used as bio-diesel, but also for aviation fuel, vehicle fuel along with a lot of various other uses from the rest of the other plants.

Below you will find the set of synonyms and other terminology and wording of Jatropha.

Family: Euphorbiaceae Synonyms: Curcas purgans Medic.
Vernacular/general names: English- physic nut, purging nut;
Hindi: Ratanjyot Jangli erandi.

Medically it’s useful for ailments like piles, paralysis, cancer, dropsy, snakebite etc. Jatropha grows up wild in several parts of India and does well on unfruitful land. An excellent crop is available with minor labor. Based on soil excellence and spell of rain, oil could be taken out from Jatropha nuts after 2 to 5 years. It will be on our side to live in peace with the environment, and it’s our selections which decide the result of the communication we have with the environment. When we pick eco-friendly items, we improve our way of life. Therefore, picking out Jatropha could be the starting point in bettering the prosperity known as environment.