Bulk Agro provides an extensive range of Sunn Hemp Seeds (Crotoleria Juncia) that’s saved from rats and chemical pesticides. Our high qualities Sunn Hemp Seeds are refined under germ-free conditions. Besides this, Sunn Hemp Seeds supplied by us are usually valued competitively.

Sunn Hemp came from India wherein it has continued to be harvested ever since the beginning of farming. It is mainly used as environmentally friendly manure, animal feed, as well as a non-wood fiber content harvest. It has been specifically developed in Bangladesh and Brazil being a soil-progressing harvest. Sunn hemp is an excellent supply of Nitrogen.

It is actually a sultry legume so it develops it generates Nitrogen. When this crop perishes it discharges Nitrogen back to the ground for the following harvest. Summer season is the ideal environment for sunn hemp wherein it might develop 10 to 12 ft high as well as discharge 200 lbs of Nitrogen back to the land.


Sunn Hemp Or Crotalaria Juncea Uses and Advantages

Sunn hemp is widely used as being a soil enhancement or environment friendly manure harvest within the tropical zone due to its capability to generate a whole lot of biomass within 60 to 90 days. For this reason, it’s got the capability to construct natural matter quantities and sequester carbon. Additionally, being a legume it may correct a whole lot of nitrogen. Used as a protective cover harvest, sunn hemp may enhance land capabilities, lessen soil break down, preserve soil water, as well as reuse plant nutrition. It is furthermore resistant against root-knot nematodes. Further possible sunn hemp uses are for feed, paper fiber, as well as alternate fuel harvest. Sunn hemp seed (Crotalaria juncea L.) generates a speedy developing legume, which is nitrogen restoring soil constructor plus cover up harvest for sultry and southern environments.

Sunn hemp is commonly used in several warm nations around the world as the top cover up harvest for regaining the below average land. A new speculate harvest, it’s a non-toxic environment friendly fertilizer for the grounds which are grazing land for animals like deer. Animals like cattle require the dried out fodder of Sunn Hemp.