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Pongamia trees are generally developed in several parts of India. You can grow this tree alongside water shores, canals as well as around the roadside. It may also be harvested at the side of walls, on fences of the grounds and even in the wastelands/ infertile territory and inadequate rainfall places.
Pongamia or Pongamia Pinnata is an average sized tree. This tree expands perfectly in areas having excellent daylight. It even has the potential to expand itself in the sun protected areas as well. The place having rainfall of 500-2500 cm together with a temperature range of 10-40 degree Celsius is suitable for growing Pongamia trees. This tree has a tendency of developing for a second time when it’s being slashed. Usually, Pongamia expands in every sort of environment and all kinds of land. However, Pongamia trees expand properly wherever you can find productive soil and excessive moisture.

Pongamia is an extremely helpful tree. For the past several years, the seeds of this valuable tree are valuable. Oil acquired from the seeds being used for lighting bulbs in residences. Current studies proven that generator, buses, pump set, tractor, railway engines operated on Pongamia oil. Pongamia oil is as well used in detergent production, tanning and its own oil cake is usually used as outstanding natural compost. In case Pongamia seeds are kept appropriately, they’ve 60-85% fertilization ability. Instant and increased fertilization could be anticipated in case modern seeds are grown.