Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. is a trusted manufacturer and export merchant of lots of different cassia tora (pawad seeds) that’s certainly at the top of demand in the market. Cassia torea seeds, which we offer, are broadly demanded for medical uses. Furthermore, the pawad seeds provided by us are rated inexpensively.

The 12-monthly malodorous plant, with a peak of 30 to 90 cm, Pawad seeds (Cassia Tora) is principally present in Rajasthan, India. They have pinnate leafage that is usually around 10 cm lengthy. Every leaflet features 3 sets of leaf which are oval, opposite, scutum and slant with the foundation. These yellow-colored blossoms are usually shaggy in the axel of the leaves. The blossom includes 5 leaves, each one around ½ inches in width.

The Cassia Tora seeds are rhombohedral as well as brownish colored, around 30 to 50 in amount. The plant carries blossoms throughout the rainy period and fresh fruits during the winter time. The particular extract received from our pawad seeds are actually used to wipe out bedbugs and infections, improve immunity, cleanse liver, treat inner bacterial and fungus problems etc. These cassia tora seeds are generally refined, after that rolled inside moisture-proof packing material to give clients the infection-free items. Consumers may get cassia tora seeds in various ranges packaging according to their particular needs.

Information: english name: ringworm plant; business name: pawad; general names: tora, chakvad, foetid cassia, chakrmda, tovara etc.
Cassia Tora plant seeds have a peaceful impact and are helpful in curing skin ailments such as tingling, herpes, body scrapes or psoriasis. Following the intoxicating or vinegar exhaustion, the newly pounded leafage of Cassia Tora seeds plant are widely used to outwardly address eczema plus dermatomycosis. All these Cassia Tora seeds as well assist the entire body in sustaining the levels of cholesterol.