Our goal is to develop the next generation of better, more sustainable Biofuels & Herbal products. By working together we are creating a brighter future for renewable fuels.

New approaches and advances are necessary to make significant progress in meeting the world‘s growing demand for renewable transportation fuels. Our team of Bio-Scientists and Fuel Technologists are working together to develop advanced biofuels.
The first product of this new generation of biofuels made from renewable resources will be Bio-Butanol.

Complementary to ethanol, which represents most of the biofuel used in gasoline today, Bio-Butanol represents a viable short term solution to significantly increasing the amount of biofuels available in markets worldwide.

As an advanced biofuel, Bio-Butanol also offers a number of advantages in terms of accelerating biofuel adoption in countries around the world. These advantages are greater options for sustainable renewable transportation fuels, reduced dependence on imported oil, lower greenhouse gas emissions, and expanded markets for agricultural products.

Working with the automotive community

Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. is also working with few automobile companies to substantiate the performance and environmental benefits of Bio-Butanol as a gasoline blending component & Herbal Products.
“Auto mobile Industry welcomes this initiative and we are optimistic it will add significantly to the range of biofuel technologies & Herbal product available. Bulk Agro’s actions are entirely consistent with our own aspiration to develop sustainable mobility solutions.”

Next Generation Energy Institute:-

Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd. is expected to explore the application of bioscience and the production of new and cleaner energy, principally fuels for road transport focusing on new Biofuels components, devising new technologies and using modern plant science to develop fuels from non food crops. The company will also pursue bioscience-based research in the conversion of heavy hydrocarbons to clean fuels, improved recovery from existing oil and gas reservoirs, and carbon sequestration.

In addition to its research remit, the company is aimed at facilitating the cross-training of a new generation of researchers focusing on coupling biotechnology and energy production, making it a focal point for interactions with leading biotech companies which have a major role in developing and applying energy bioscience.

The Institute will be unique in both its scale and its partnership between Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd, academia and others in the private sector.

The Company’s Laboratory will carry out supporting research. Up to 50 personnel located on the two campuses will work in partnership with university faculty and researchers. The Company and its partners will share governance of the Bulk Agro and guidance of its research programs. The establishment of the Bulk Agro energy Institute marks a significant step in Bulk Agro’s commitment to providing new lower carbon energy and follows the establishment of Bulk Agro Alternative Energy, a low carbon power business, in July 2006.