Very warm greetings and Welcome to Bulk Agro (India) Pvt. Ltd.

We are agriculture based company, our mission to help our country to become self-dependent in petroleum & Herbal, our R&D team is working day-night with bio-fuels and new & renewable energy sources, currently we are working on Jatropha, Algee and other bio-fuel crops to produce bio-fuel.
Our jatropha plantation covers about 10,000 hectare of waste-land, by this plantation local people are getting employment and being educated about the bio-fuels.
We are educating people at large through our society which is working on rural education and employment, helping the poor people and enabling them to walk with rest of the world.
I am giving shape to my Vision with these words:-

“Our mission is to enable our country to produce Bio Kerosene which India and the world need urgently for aviation Industry”